03 May 2007

Thursday Musings

This post, like many of my stories, has no real point. Readers are encouraged to draw their own conclusions.

* Morel mushrooms are a delicacy to be savored. As a kid, I hunted for mushrooms every spring. Nowadays, I am occasionally lucky enough to get a bag from someone who hunts them. This year, for the first time, I actually purchased some at the grocery store. They are ridiculously expensive to buy but worth every penny.

* Lily should not be taken loose in the car unless she has just used her litter box. Have you seen the commercials about female incontinence? Let's just say that a certain four-legged female experienced incontinence on my shorts while driving in my vehicle.

* I have one piece of fruitcake left. This must last me until next Christmas season.

* I found a Starbucks card in a stash of stuff tonight. There was enough left on it to purchase one grande caramel latte with whip and drizzle, with 28 cents to spare.

* The above-mentioned beverage is helping me get through this, my second consecutive day without Diet Coke.

* I'm finally coming out of the fog I've been in for the past couple of weeks.

* This American Life is quite possibly my favorite program on NPR right now.

* It feels good to walk really long distances.

* I'm stronger than I thought I was.

* It takes just a few nights locked in the basement for Lily to dig a hole in the drywall.

* I have recently learned how to spackle holes in drywall.

* One day soon, I'm actually going to do some scrapbooking.


Jill said...

Oh dear on the kitty!!!! I like This American Life too!!

denali said...

OMIGOSH, I actually snorted, I laughed so quickly & unexpectedly at that Lily & the drywall comment! Thanks for the chuckle this morning, I SO appreciate it :)

Sharon said...

You have learned many things since Lily has come to live at your house, all about kitty incontinence and spackling drywall this week alone. Life is never dull at your house. We all enjoy the chuckles that you provide.

Debbi said...

Oh my heck! I LOVE morrels. I used to hunt them as a kid too. I so miss them every year. My dad sends me some occasionally. MY DD hates them so I get them all to myself.

EquineSpirit said...

Those mushrooms look just heavenly!! I want some! LOL!