25 May 2007

Feline Friday: The Effects of Peer Pressure

I regularly extract Lily from the dollhouse. I have taken numerous photos of Lily in the dollhouse. I have even blogged twice about Lily in the dollhouse. One expects these things from Lily.

So it was nothing unusual when, a couple of days ago, I heard a suspicious noise coming from the dollhouse. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was Tinsel, not Lily, inside -- front half in the kitchen, back half in the dining room. Tinsel, the meek and well-mannered cat who never misbehaves, was caught in the act of naughtiness. Showing off, even.

This proves that even good kitties can make bad choices when influenced by their peers. Now, I'll admit that the one benefit of this particular kind of peer pressure is that it makes for some good photos.

In this case, reform can come later.


Maureen said...

Awww, Tinsel wants attention and blog entries too! So cute.

Our cat Dakotah can often be found in my daughter's Barbie castle my mom made her years ago (of plastic canvas and wool so it's kinda soft)... I've yet to be successful in getting a good pic of the princess in her realm, but I'll have to try again.

I guess there will be real trouble in the dollhouse when BOTH your cats decide to inhabit it at the same time!

Yellow Fence said...

Maybe you need to start calling it a "kitty" house instead of a doll house!


toners said...

That peer pressure is a very influential thing :)

Lynn said...

How funny is that, that Tinsel wants in on the action now. How cute they both are. I look forward to seeing what your babies up to each week.

Maureen said...

These pictures are so funny. That would so be our cat Chole.

Jill said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And how funny on the peer pressure! :-)