27 May 2007

Good Question

So yesterday I stopped at the local convenience store to pick up a bag of Fritos. As I was walking into the store, the clerk came running out and yelled at a guy driving a silver pickup truck, "Hey, did you have gas?"

I wondered how he responded to that question.

Inside, I waited while several people paid for snack items, pizza, and such.
The clerk complained under her breath that someone had pumped gas but had not paid for it. Yet she did not ask The Question of any of the people in line ahead of me. When it was my turn to buy my 99-cent bag of Fritos, she looked me right in the eye asked, "Ma'am, did you have gas?"

Tell me: Just what was it that made me, and not those other people, look like I might have had gas? Did I look uncomfortably bloated? Doubled over in pain?

I couldn't resist: "No, I'm fine, thank you."


Colleen said...

Too funny! Love the pic!

Maureen said...

Heh, heh... you should have been buying Pepto or something...

Jill said...

:-) :-) :-)