21 May 2007

Today is the Day

Early this year, I designated "ORDER" as my word of the year, as inspired by Ali Edwards' challenge. I had high hopes of putting order and simplicity into my physical, emotional, and spiritual life. I even made a mini-book with aspirations of documenting my journey.

Yet somewhere between February and now, the circumstances of life caused me to abandon my quest. I lost control of my household (not that I ever really had it) and CHAOS ensued. For a variety of reasons, my emotional and spiritual health have suffered. I have been at a very low point. My old friend, Depression, has been knocking at my door. ORDER has not been the word of the year for me.

But today is the day that I will begin climbing out of this deep hole. The incessant grind of school and extra-curricular activities has finally ended, affording me evening time to accomplish some of my goals as well as expand my "distance" walking program. Our remodeling project is now underway and my class projects through September are nearly finished. I am still struggling emotionally with several issues right now, but I am hoping that as I regain control of my
physical life, my outlook will improve as well. The scourge of depression will not be allowed back in my life.

I know what needs to be done to regain ORDER in my life. Today is the day I start that process.


EquineSpirit said...

((HUGS!!)) and I hope you find "order". Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I hope everything works out,