21 May 2007

And with a snip, snip...

he became a she.

Surely you remember the forlorn elephant I rescued from the middle of the highway back in the cold, dark days of winter?
He has perched on a shelf in my scrapbooking area since that time, soaking in Febreeze and contemplating his new kinder and gentler life.

Since he had voiced no objections about becoming a female, I decided last week that the time was right to proceed with the operation.
It took only a couple of "snips" with my Cutterbee scissors to remove his old and crusty bow tie. Moments later, the pink striped Doodlebug ribbon was tied in a pretty bow around her neck, and Ellie's transformation was complete.

Ahh...if only everything could be fixed so swiftly with a snip, snip.


Debbi said...

He looks good as a she.

Shell said...

this post made me laugh. My daughter has a little stuff elephant - she has had since she was born. Named Jumbo. When Jumbo first appeared - he was always a he. Somewhere along the line my DH sex changed him into a her - and ooh did feathers fly if any of us mistakenly referred to Jumbo as a him!! *lol*

BonnieRose said...

what a cutie.. she's perfect!

Maureen said...

Congratulations on the successful "operation"... she is so cute! (although you had me worried there for a minute....)