10 May 2007

Two Peas Blogging Challenge: Two Things

Here's an easy challenge from the Two Peas blogging group. This one didn't require too much thinking. I'm looking for non-thinking activities this morning.

Two names I go by: Most people call me Jan and some call me Jani. In work and school situations, I go by my given name, Janet. Interestingly, my husband has never once called me Janet.

Two things I am wearing right now: shorts, sweatshirt (What a surprise, huh? I'd wear the same thing pretty much every day if I could get away with it.)

Two things I want (or have) in a relationship: companionship, humor

Two of my favorite things to do: write, scrapbook

Two things I want very badly at the moment: to get started with our painting and remodeling project, to feel in control again

Two pets I have: Tinsel, our brown tabby, and Lily, our gray tabby

Two things I did last night: went to my daughter’s piano recital, finished up a project for the store

Two things I ate today: morel mushrooms, cereal

Two people I just talked to last: my daughter (in person), my husband (by phone)

Two things I'm doing tomorrow: having our kitchen counter tops measured (to be replaced), going to Memory Bound

Two longest car rides: I traveled all around the US as a kid with my parents, so I’ve had many long car rides. The longest one in recent memory was traveling to Pennsylvania.

Two favorite holidays: Halloween, National Scrapbooking Day? I don’t care for holidays all that much.

Two favorite beverages: Diet Coke, caramel latte

Two favorite scrapbooking tools: my computer, my Canon i9900 wide-format printer

Two favorite scrapbooking companies: Ki Memories, Bazzill


EquineSpirit said...

Oh my!! Morel mushrooms!! I haven't had those since I was a kid....sooooo yummy!!!

Sharon said...

That's quite a list of two things. You had morel mushrooms and cereal for breakfast?! That is a new combination. I had Cheerios and strawberries. No milk.