30 May 2007

And now for something completely different

We listen to a lot of different kinds of music at our house: jazz, big band, classical, drum corps, new age, rock...you name it.

But until last week, I had never listened to belly dancing music.

I became exposed to belly dancing music (excuse the bad pun) while volunteering at our local elementary school library. Last time I worked, it was cultural day. When I arrived in the library, three belly dancers were setting up for their presentation. I took note of their costumes, especially the lovely tinkling sound of the gold coins stitched to their skirts. Busy with shelving and year-end book inventory, I paid little additional attention to them until the students arrived for their cultural presentation.

But when the music started, I became almost mesmerized by it. From behind the shelves, I was captivated by the exotic sounds of the sitar, the jangling gold coins, and the percussive, repetitive melodies. After several hours of listening (while still dutifully shelving books), I was totally and completely hooked.

That same evening, we downloaded an assortment of belly dancing music from several countries, and now I'm listening to it regularly. Even my spouse, who is an avid drummer, likes it. As for the daughter, I think she's fine with it, too.

Just as long as I don't start dancing.


EquineSpirit said...

Way cool! It's amazing the different types of music in the world.

Sharon said...

Time to fess up...were you dancing behind those shelves and learning new moves? I can see you doing just that.