31 May 2007

Please Join Me in Karli's Friendraiser

This is Karli.

She's a soon-to-be 7th grader who was diagnosed two years ago with

juvenile diabetes. If you could meet Karli, you would find her to be a gregarious, smart young lady, probably a lot like a your own daughter, niece, or neighbor.

Since her diagnosis, diabetes has affected every aspect of Karli's life, as well as that of her family. Yet Karli and her family have turned this very difficult situation into a major force for good. Almost overnight, they became champions of the cause, speaking out for other kids who suffer from diabetes. Karli has become a polished and professional young woman, speaking confidently on television, on the radio, and in front of lawmakers about the difficulties of living with her condition and the urgency to find a cure.
If you've been reading my blog, you'll recognize Karli as the reason we held our first annual Crop for the Cure back in April.

In just a couple of weeks, Karli and her family will travel to Washington, DC so that Karli can participate in the 2007 JDRF Children's Congress. To be selected for this opportunity is an incredible honor for this very talented young woman. To support Karli in her efforts to influence lawmakers, I would like to invite each of you to participate in her "Friendraiser". If you sign up to be a friend, you will receive a monthly JDRF newsletter via e-mail and occasionally an "action alert." Last year, there were four such alerts. If you receive one, you'll just click a link and a fax will be automatically sent to Washington. That's all there is to it.

Below is a letter from Karli which includes the link to become her friend. I hope you will join me in helping Karli and other kids like her. Karli would love to have a friend from every state and other countries, too. Thank you!

As you may know, I was chosen out of more than 1,100 other applicants to be a delegate to the 2007 JDRF Children's Congress in Washington D.C. this summer. During my three days at Children's Congress in June, I will be working with other kids, just like me, to raise awareness about diabetes and ask Congress to help us find a cure. I can't wait to ask Members of Congress to "Promise to Remember Me" when they make decisions that could help us find a cure for diabetes.

As someone w
ith a personal connection to me, my family and the disease I battle everyday, will you show your support for my advocacy efforts by joining me as an advocate for JDRF?

JDRF advocates are so important to helping find a cure for diabetes. Advocates help speak up for those of us fighting for a cure by calling, faxing, emailing, writing or meeting with Members of Congress. My family and I would be so appreciative if you join our advocacy team.

Click here to support me by becoming an advocate

I sincerely appreciate your help and support.

Karli Borcherding

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