24 May 2007

Of Cats and Cardstock

Since that is, in fact, the name of this blog, today's post will cover a bit of each, in that precise order.

1) My friend, Sharon, picked up two catnip mice for Tinsel and Lily on a recent trip -- one pink and one brown. I placed them on the floor in front of the cats and watched as Tinsel selected the brown one and Lily chose the pink one. They each independently chose the mouse that matches them best! Thank you, Sharon. I can imagine that there is nothing better than a fresh catnip mouse. Unless it would be a fresh REAL mouse.

2) I have had cats all of my life and until this month, I have never had a cat "leak"
urine on me. (Ah, yes, it's been a great few weeks around here.) The first time it happened was probably my fault. I took Lily in the car with me without making sure she'd used her litterbox first. She rode on my lap and when we exited the car, there was a spot of kitty pee-pee on my shorts. Last night, it happened again. She climbed up on my lap and stayed for awhile, leaving a small mark --again. In the same spot. On the same shorts. Which had been washed. Today I shall be calling the vet. If this is a sign of her love for me, I'm not buying it.

On a drier note, I have finished a couple of class projects lately. This one is a mini-album using the two-sided jou
rnaling cards from Cosmo Cricket's Halfway Cafe line. There is something about the nostalgia of this line that really appeals to me. Part of it is the name. When I think "Halfway Cafe", I can imagine driving through the southwestern states on Route 66. It's lunch time and we pull into the dusty parking lot of a diner....you know, one of those old places where pieces of rhubarb pie spin in a glass tower and the waitress calls you "hon". Regulars sit at the counter and order BLT's and tuna melts.

I've never been to the Halfway Cafe, wherever it may be. In
fact, the trip itself is one of those "roads not taken" for me. Somehow, this line makes me think about roads I didn't choose...things that might have been different had I picked the other path. *sigh*

(I can hear my friend, Darci, right about now: "Dude! Get a grip!")

Yeah, I know, it's just a mini-album.

Skip the nostalgia and focus on the cardstock. And the feline urinary incontinence. Somehow, this is the road that matters.


darci said...


The "horor" of choosing the wrong path!!! ;) I would never tell you to get a grip!!!! Maybe "Thanks for your opinion, but no."

Ha Ha!!!! I crack myself up!


denali said...

Get thee to the vet, indeed. It could well be a urinary tract infection causing the leakage. A simple course of treatment could get her out of Depends and back to happy catdom :)

GORGEOUS mini-album. Truly.

Hmmm, I can't seem to get this comment to 'take' - I'll try not to take it personally, but still...

denali said...

Ah-ah! I just wasn't allowed to preview it first. No problem. I can do that. Who needs proof reading anyway, right? ;)

Melanie said...

Oooh another really neat class project! This one also looks AWESOME!! I'm now a fan of your work!