29 April 2007

What Janet (that's me) Needs

I got the idea for this post on Celeste’s blog: I Googled “Janet needs” and here are some of the results, including this delightful photo. I have to admit I got a bit carried away with this activity. Because I'm easily amused, it made for some light entertainment. Review and discuss the results listed below:

Janet needs 500 more tiles for her international path (not sure what that is, but I think I need such a path)

Janet needs our help (this one is related to decorating and is accurate, I think)

Janet needs help (yet another plea)

Janet needs to be terminated

Janet needs to stop being so proud (FINE!)

Janet needs to use her negotiating skills

Janet needs to be clear if there are capacity issues

Janet needs to take longer to research and edit the books

Janet needs that from you

Janet needs to find a way to work with other people (I'm such a tyrant)

Janet needs to raise the bar

Janet needs a date to impress a new rich man she met and ask Jack to escort to her the ball which is held on a private island

Janet needs to start writing a book tonight called Paranoia is a Parent's Best Friend

Janet needs to take her car to the shop for an oil change (pretty accurate here)

Janet needs some meat on her (but accuracy starts to take a nose dive here)

Janet needs to change something

Janet needs another cat (I could handle that)

Janet needs to re-invent herself (very good idea)

Janet needs to make a living and support her family (also a good idea)

Janet needs a reality check to bring her over-inflated view of herself in check (I'll get right on that)

Janet needs to pray more (I'm working on this one)

I think she looks HOT, but then again, Janet needs to come up with some more innovative concepts (this could be the subject of some debate)

Janet needs your votes

Janet needs to tell Oprah that she wants her body back and the swap is over (huh?)

Janet needs to talk to her husband and come up with a plan to go through the boxes one by one

Janet needs the other white meat

Janet needs immediate psychotic help (comments?)

Janet needs to stop

Janet needs preparation time to cook to order (how true)

Janet needs to decide whether or not she can handle dating a guy like Eddie

Janet needs to stop acting like she is a teenager and mature as an artist (absolutely)

Janet needs to get over her deep-seated issues (working on this one, too)

Janet needs a new leather overbust corset (definitely)

Janet needs to get out of the house to be stimulated

Janet needs to give life another shot

Janet needs to attend Jeannine’s Stash Buster Afternoon (this is from the “Living with Yarn” website)

Janet needs to take a chill pill

Janet needs to get a life

Janet needs at least one comment



Sharon said...

Yep, Janet needs help is accurate.
Janet does need the leather corset and Janet needs to take a picture of it for all of us to see.
Janet needs weight lifting.
Janet needs to stay her lovable, caring self. We all love her the way she is. However, if you ever find out what the 500 tiles means do let us all know. Maybe the rest of us need some tiles also.

Connie said...

Literally Laughing Out Loud at what Janet needs. Can't wait to see what Connie needs. I'll let you know.

toners said...

ROFL at Janet's needs!! Off to check out Toni's needs.....TFS!

toners said...

Here's what Toni needs: http://toniarmstrong.blogspot.com/

Thanks for sharing!

Yellow Fence said...

What an awesome post. This is SO funny.


Jill said...

I hope Oprah gave your body back!!!!! :-) :-) :-) I tried this & came up with some doozies too!