09 April 2007

Is This a Ghost?

Yes, indeed it is: The Ghost of Ghastly 1991 Wallpaper. He's a very scary ghost, as you can see.

Friends, this is the wallpaper that is in our half-bathroom next to the kitchen. Imagine closing yourself up in a small room, surrounded by this pink and blue print. I assure you, if you were well when you entered the bathroom, you will be ill when you leave it. The print is dizzying.

This weekend, we officially launched the long-overdue but now urgent "Let's Make Our House Less Embarrassing for the Teenage Daughter" project. Gee, what's involved with this? Here are the major steps:

* Replace unbelievably ugly white laminate kitchen countertops with solid surface black quartz.
* Pay professionals a lot of money to remove all of the wallpaper (some of it is even worse than this) on the first floor and paint the rooms with solid colors of olive green, taupe, and gold. After uncovering the "ghost" pictured here over the weekend, I've come to realize that removing wallpaper is just too big and tedious a job for us. Plus, our picking away at it is really making DH nervous. Better for the marriage to pay the big bucks and git-r-done quickly.
* Swear never to put up wallpaper again.

When this project is done, I hope there will be no traces of the ghost on the first floor. I won't even tell you about the second floor. That's where all of his buddies live.


Sharon said...

It is eerie looking!! The blue/mauve phase of life. The plus side is if you start now you will be finished by the time that DD graduates. What a lovely home you will have for her graduation party. I'm proud of you for thinking ahead and starting early.

Kristina said...

Good for you for getting motivated to start that project. I'm done with our kitchen/familyroom and the next is our garage.....i hate cleaning the garage but it MUST be done.

Colleen said...

That is a scary ghost!! Good luck with your projects! SOunds like you'll have your hands full for a bit!