27 April 2007

Feline Friday: Feed Me...I'm Yours!

Lily spends a good part of each day trying to open the two Tupperware containers which hold the day's quantity of weight control cat food for her and Tinsel. Lily gets 1/3 cup each day, as she is on the "weight loss" program, and Tinsel enjoys 1/2 cup, since she is on the "weight maintenance" program.

In reality, Lily probably eats considerably more than her daily allotment, when you count all the food she swipes from Tinsel's plate and all the times she begs for (and manages to get) a few additional morsels. And I guess we have to count the snacks, too...turkey, corn, mandarin oranges, an occasional Cheeto...

I mean, really. Who could resist this little face?

1 comment:

Maureen said...

Awww...I know I couldn't resist that face! What a sweetie!