13 April 2007

Feline Friday: A New Tactic

At the risk of sounding like I'm a proud cat mom, I have to say that Lily is one smart kitty. She learns from experience (good and bad), then adapts her behavior, sometimes quite creatively.

Let me give you an example of this. Around our house, one of the most exciting activities for Lily and Tinsel is meal time. Tinsel eats at a leisurely pace, while Lily gulps down her food without chewing then attempts to eat Tinsel's morsels, too. Until recently, Lily would walk up to Tinsel while she was dining, slap her on the head, then begin eating her food.

After being scolded for this behavior, Lily developed a new plan. Now she casually lies down on the floor near Tinsel's plate. Tinsel (not pictured here) continues to eat, oblivious to Lily. Lily very slyly extends her arm and pulls one morsel off the plate, sliding it across the floor to her mouth. Then the arm quietly goes out again, the little paw retrieves another morsel and slides it to her mouth. Tinsel continues eating, seemingly clueless to this little operation. Soon Lily has finished off all of the food on Tinsel's plate without a single spat.

And I've got to hand it to Lily: Her new tactic works every time. Sometimes a girl just has to get creative to get what she wants.


Heather said...

That is too funny! You should video her sneaking that food!

toners said...

LOL! What a fun story :) Would definitely make an excellent layout!

Jill said...

That I would love to see! :-)

Maureen said...

That's one smart kitty!!!