06 June 2014

Feline Friday: Fun with Book Covers

 Happy Feline Friday, friends! 
I'm starting today's Feline Friday post with a mega-collage of sheep in spandex, one of my favorite blog topics. Why sheep? Well, sheep in spandex were the inspiration for a project Bailey and I tried back in 2008, in which we fashioned a stretchy book cover into a figure-hugging cat suit.

Bailey recently ran across a pile of old book covers and decided to make a new suit for Lily. With just a few snips for the head, tail, and legs, she fashioned a modern, form-fitting cat suit. This is upcycling at its finest, friends.

You can see that Lily was very pleased with her new look. :)

The slit in the center of the book cover provides a handy (and oh, so comfortable) opening for Lily's ample belly. 
Close-up of rear stylings...

I have to admit she looks a little like a sausage in this photo. A cute sausage.

 For some reason, this particular fabric and the pointy shoulders...

 ...make me think of the Jetsons.:)

  Of course, Bailey had to see how Tinsel looked in the book cover cat suit. After it became clear that the back legs were absolutely NOT going in, Tinsel wore it as a tunic. This demonstrates that you can get two distinct looks from one book cover.

 Well, THREE...if you count the scowl. :)

Sometime during the long, hot days of summer, I hope you'll be inspired to make a book cover cat suit! It's "fun on a budget", as my mom used to say.


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