27 June 2014

Feline Friday: Our Very Big Cousins

 I recently ran across these old photos on my phone.  The girls were fascinated by the movie, "African Cats"! 

"Wow, these guys look just like us, Mom!"

I wondered what was going through their minds! (Spouse would say NOTHING...) It was fun to see how captivated they were!

 I'll bet Lily was imagining herself looking out over her kingdom...from the back of the recliner! :)

Hope we can find it on Netflix so they can see their very big cousins again!


Heather said...

That is too funny! Our pets have never really paid any attention to the TV...until we got Wally. Every now and then i will catch him watching. I need to put on something like this and see how he reacts.

Sarah Coggins said...

So cute! I always crack up when we find a cat on TV meowing - it grabs our Cali's attention fast. I'll have to search this out to see how she reacts.