09 June 2014

Summer's Already Over!

 On May 7, we packed up the SUV (actually TWO SUV's) and moved Bailey home from Indiana University for a short stay. I'd say we packed a lot into that fleeting time, which even included a trip to Michigan for her. Now she's back in Michigan until the end of August to work as a Unit Director for Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. Of course, her summer is just beginning, but now that she is gone, I feel like my summer is already over! :( Of course, summer is NOT over, but it's not nearly as fun around here with her gone!

Her boyfriend visited for the last week she was home. We had a great time with him, and it was nice to have him along on the trip back east. I get very nervous when she has to drive alone. It's a MOM THING!

In addition to my classes, I do have lots of things going on to occupy my time this summer. First is the re-design of my flower beds. Awhile back I met with a landscape designer who is re-drawing my backyard flower gardens. I'm anxiously awaiting the new designs so I can get to work! In the meantime, I've been enjoying the current crop of blooms. If you're a flower in my garden, prepare to be picked! There are few things I enjoy more than a bouquet of just-picked flowers.

  Second, I've decided to explore genealogy. Over this past weekend, I attended a beginning genealogy class. I learned a lot in a few short hours but holy cow...there is a lot to learn. I'm not even sure if I want to learn it all, but I'll admit that I am intrigued. The great thing is that I'm the keeper of my grandma's genealogy books, which gives me a big head start on two sides of my family tree, as she has researched her own family and that of my grandpa.  I spent some time with the instructor after class taking a look at her work and it appears that Grandma's documentation is formatted correctly, but her binders need to be re-organized and tabbed with archival materials. As they are now, I have trouble navigating through them.

This is a Pedigree Chart. You put yourself in position #1 and work your way backwards, with your parents in positions 2 and 3, your grandparents in the next 4 positions, and so on.
Grandma has a pedigree chart in her binder which traces my grandpa's family back to the early 1600's in Alsace, France! This is super interesting to me, as I was a French major in college. While living in France, I visited the cemetery where some of my relatives are buried. So you can see that I've had an interest in genealogy for a long time!

 Third, I opened a diplay case at the Brass Armadillo on June 1. I've added lots more to the case so hopefully some things will start selling! I counted over 200 more beer cans we need to sell, in addition to those in the case right now! YIKES. That number is sobering. (Sorry, could not help myself!)
  Here are just a few of the fine wares I added to the case over the weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to cover my rental fee each month! :)

Even though it seems like summer is already over, I know it's not. I will be busy with all kinds of things for the next few weeks...and anxiously looking forward to visiting Bailey in Michigan in July!

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