17 June 2014

Wrapping Up Year Four

I'm diligent about doing some things, but uploading the photos from my phone is not one of them. Mercy, I finally got that done with hopes that my phone will now function a little better since it's not so heavily laden with my stellar photos -- 90% of which are of the cats. :)

The other 10% are Bailey pictures. Now that sounds like I'm a neglectful mama! Trust me: If I saw her more frequently, there would be a lot more photos! So now that I've rounded up all of those phone pictures, here's a sampling from our visit to IU last month to pack up Bailey's apartment and take her home for a few short weeks.

Before we left town, I managed to grab a couple of photos in front of the iconic Sample Gates. These limestone gates make a beautiful entrance to the campus. We had to work quickly as it was graduation weekend and many families were taking pics at the gates. Next year, it will be our turn!

Here we are making one last stop at the music building, with both vehicles loaded up and ready for the trip home. I was so excited to steal her away for a few weeks!

 I managed to grab a couple of photos in the nearly empty apartment.

She was not thrilled!

Awww, these bears have been everywhere with Bailey! They are now college educated!

Of course I had to get an end of the school year picture with The Boy. Too bad we had to do this in a dark parking lot! It was just that kind of weekend!

We also grabbed a parking lot photo of the three of us. Maybe we look better in dim light. :)

While Bailey took care of some last minute stuff, Spouse and I did some things around campus. We stopped at Nick's for a quick lunch one day. This is water. One usually drinks something other than water at Nick's. :)

Here's the view of Kirkwood Avenue from the other side of the Sample Gates. For once, the weather was perfect during our visit, making for very pleasant walks through the campus.

We wandered around Dunn Woods which runs through campus and saw a number of trees planted in the early 1900's. It made me think about how quickly Bailey's time at IU has passed, in the grand scheme of things.

Such a lovely campus...

 Incoming students traditionally shake the hand of the Herman B. Wells statue (above) for good luck. We saw a number of graduating students doing the same thing.

 We had never looked inside the Rose Well House, another iconic spot for photos.

I'm sure going to miss this place!

We are so proud of the work Bailey has done at IU. Just one more semester on campus followed by her student teaching assignment in a nearby town, then she's off to do big things in the world of music education! We're very excited to see what the future holds for our girl!

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Kimberly Marie said...

Wow! What a nice assortment of photos! So nice to see your family picture. I must admit, in this age of digital photography, I'm AWFUL about getting all the oodles of pictures I take printed! Think I like the way of the old film rolls getting developed cause you can't wait to see how the pictures turned out! Lol!!