29 June 2014

I'm a Dealer!

A month ago, I shared that I had signed up to be a "dealer" at one of our local antique malls, The Brass Armadillo. Thirty days later I'm happy to report that I'M STILL THERE and have actually sold a few items...enough to cover my first rental fee, with a little left over (emphasis on LITTLE)!

I only wish things would sell faster! Each time I go over to check on the case, I hope to see big empty spaces. So far, that has not happened. Still, it's kind of exciting to give this a try and see how it goes! 

Throughout the month, I've been adding to my case and re-arranging the items here and there. I would like to add a couple of small shelving units so that I can use the space more efficiently. As it is, a lot of the space at the back of each shelf is empty, simply because it is hard for customers to see and reach. I'm still figuring this out, getting some good ideas from how other dealers display items.

I was told that the dealers who do best are the ones who tend to their spaces regularly, making sure everything is merchandised nicely. So I've been stopping to check on my case and add to it at least once a week.  

Of course, it takes time to research and determine a fair price for each item I'd like to sell. It seems that I have pile of ever-changing items to price. I just pick away at pricing as time permits. After all, my case won't hold a ton of stuff.

In addition to pricing, it's also important to keep an inventory of items in the case. Each merchandise tag has space for a SKU number, which is a number the dealer can use to keep track of inventory. Before leaving for the summer, Bailey set up a simple inventory system for me so I have a record of everything in my case. It ensures that I'm consistent in pricing and can make any necessary price adjustments. It will also help me keep track of my extremely high sales volume! haha

So one month into this new endeavor, I'd give it a thumbs up! Everyone at the mall has been very friendly and welcoming, and I've learned a lot in a short amount of time. I remain optimistic that this will ultimately be a good (albeit kind of SLOW) way for me to clear stuff out my house!

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