13 June 2014

Feline Friday: Waking Up with Lily!

Every morning -- and often in the middle of the night -- Lily wakes me up asking for food. I know that I've enabled this naughty behavior by responding to her various tactics. In that sense, I'm very well trained. We won't go into that in this post! Today I want to share with you her current -- and impossible to ignore - strategy for waking me up. Mind you, I'm the only one in the house who gets this very special treatment.

Oh, please forgive the poor quality of these photos! It was around 5:30 am when she woke me up on this particular day. I grabbed my phone and tried to document the action while my eyes were still pretty much closed!

#1 -- The Approach: 
Lily jumps up on my nightstand and walks onto my pillow. Yep, that's my pillow in the corner of the photo.

 #2 - The Stare: 
My eyes barely open to see THIS staring down at me, purring full-throttle. :) If The Stare doesn't yield the desired response, Lily moves on to her final -- and always effective -- tactic....

 #3 - The LICK: 
She LICKS my hair! It can't possibly taste good and believe me, it doesn't feel great to have your hair licked at 5:30 in the morning! But to Lily's credit, this strategy ALWAYS works. I haul myself out of bed and put her in the basement with a tiny bit of food (yeah, I know, I know!), then stumble back to bed for a little while.
Of course, I can sleep a little later because my hair is already styled for the day! HA!


Heather said...

They have us well-trained, don't they?? Our Wally is such an odd little cat...his morning ritual also involves licking me, but he licks my CHIN, and every few licks he bites me for good measure. Not an aggressive, attack bite...it's more of a soft bite & hold. He is purring the whole time. It's very odd!!

Janet said...

Yes, they do, Heather! :)
That is too funny! Wally knows what he is doing. I'm sure it works every time!

Janet said...
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