20 June 2014

Feline Friday: Where's Lily?

 You never know where you'll find Lily! In the past week, she's been in several new places around the house.

 She became OBSESSED with smelling one of the trays in my craft room. I have no idea what smelled so intriguing, but I found her there time and again!

She is also very intrigued by the new spinner I have for my ink blending tools. It's just a matter of time before she figures out how to spin it!

One evening I decided to organize my vast collection of embroidered dishtowels. (I know...I live such an exciting life!) Lily decided that she should get organized, too, so she fit herself into one of my cubbies. :)

Since we brought this dresser home from my parents' house, the kitties have been jumping up on it. I'd rather they NOT do that, since it's a little too high for them and I don't want it to get scratched. So I put a towel on it temporarily for protection. Unintended consequence: Now Lily thinks it makes for a comfortable napping spot.

We'll see where I find Lily next week!


Jill said...

Aww Lily! I have absolutely no doubt that you'll be spinning away soon!

Kimberly Marie said...

Such a silly girl!