19 June 2008

Feline Friday: Old Book Cover = New Cat Suit

If you have kids in the house, you may have some stretchy book covers left over from the school year. If so, then it's your cat's lucky day! With a couple of snip-snips of the scissors, kitty can have a new frock, inspired by the spandex outfits worn by sheep at the Iowa State Fair.

* To re-purpose your book cover into a stylish cat suit, first choose a book cover to fit your cat: Tinsel is a 9-pound cat, and she wears an "extra large" book cover. We made this cat suit for her a few years back, and it still fits her just fine.

* Next, place the book cover on a flat surface with the center opening facing up (see top photo).

* Slit the left-hand side of the book cover along the seam. This makes an opening for kitty's head.

* Slit the right-hand side along the seam to make an opening for kitty's tail.

* Cut four holes for kitty's legs in the book cover as shown.

* Don't worry about the center opening in the book cover. If your kitty has a "hang-down" pouch of belly flab like Tinsel, it will protrude nicely from the opening.

Close all doors and windows then, working at the speed of light, insert kitty into book cover. Start with the head and front legs, then insert the tail and back legs.

So why not re-purpose an old book cover today? With a little effort on your part, your cat can be stylish and environmentally conscious at the same time!


Sandra Collins said...

love it!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

OMG I so cracked up when I saw this and can't wait to try it!

Sharon said...

Do you and Bailey have too much summer time on your hands? Tinsel is looking groovy!

Fonda said...

This is hilarious! Poor Tinsel. I have a 24 lb cat, wonder what size book cover he would need? They probably don't even make them THAT big!!!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

no no no it ......[shaking my head and telling my cats not to look]

Jennie said...

OMG! Just about peed my pants reading this! I love this :) My dd has a kitty with fat "hang down" I can just see her in this lol

Maureen said...

OMG Janet... how is it that your cats have never run away? It must be because you've been dressing them up since they were kittens...

This is hilarious! You're imagination seems boundless; how the heck can you look at an old bookcover and think "hmmm... this would make a GROOVY cat suit!"

You are just way too hysterical!

Jennifer said...

No way! Ha Ha.. If was my cats.. they lay flat not move! Gravity themself down. Funny

jill said...

omg that is hilarious!

i would hesitate to do any re-purposing with ds' book covers. they're a mess!

Cheri said...

She does NOT look amused!:)

Come on, I wanna see her in a lacy/scalloped white bonnet in an old baby buggy with a blanket up to her chin...pretty please?

Hm, there's NO way I could fit Reuben (beagle)'s fat gut into any sort of costume! Are you aware they sell doggie Halloween costumes, even at Target?! (maybe kitty ones too!)