21 June 2008

Gardens in Mid-June

(click on the photo collage to enlarge)

My flower gardens are a great experiment...always a work in progress. As a gardener, I'm completely self-taught, and I make a lot of mistakes. Sometimes I learn from them, and sometimes I repeat the same ones over and over.

One thing I've learned with gardening is not to be afraid of changing things that aren't working. In the past month, I've made a few changes in the perennial beds to fix a variety of problems: plants that weren't doing well, plants that grew larger than expected, big gaps, lack of color...you name it. I think that some of the changes I made have helped, and the plants I moved or divided seem to be doing well.

In the meantime, I'm trying to take photos each month to document the problem areas so that I can take further corrective actions this fall or next spring.

I can say that right now, things are looking better than they were at this time last year. And that's progress in my book.

Special thanks to Maggie, our adorable neighbor dog, for visiting (and posing) during this impromptu photo shoot.


Benita said...

Your garden is beautiful! Wanna come do mine now? :)

Maureen said...

Wow! I am so jealous. Simply beautiful Janet... and Maggie is such a cutie too!

I am highly proficient in growing weeds. It's my years of experience that shows.