25 June 2008

New treats

We have a couple of new treats at our house. First, and most exciting, is a bag of salmon-flavored Temptations cat treats. You can see how happy Tinsel and Lily are about Temptations. Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, suffice it to say that it's a good thing each Temptation has fewer than 2 calories.

I was led to purchase Temptations by Daisy the Curly Cat. Fellow blogger, Sarah C., pointed me to Daisy's website, where I confess I have spent hours enjoying her adventures. Daisy is a blogging kitty who writes her own posts! She is very talented and never fails to brighten my day.
Thanks for the link, Sarah!

My treat is not nearly as exciting as Temptations, but it's something I've thought about purchasing for awhile now: A flexible curve ruler. It's true that I'm very much a linear kind of girl, but I can handle an occasional curve, as long as it's balanced with straight lines!

And the best part about my treat? ZERO calories!


Sarah C. said...

What yummy treats! At least, that's what Chester tells me. ;) I haven't personally tried them. LOL Cali's too much of a snob for cat treats. Only Goldfish or Cheez-its for her.

Now the flexible curve is a cool treat for you! I have one from my college days of learning to draft in architecture school. Glad you mentioned it - need to dig mine out to play with.

And glad you are enjoying Daisy's adventures. They are addicting, aren't they. ;)

denali said...

Alex is all about Temptations Hairball Remedy treats. And Feline Greenies. And Kitty Kaviar. And Pawbreakers.

Nope. He's not at all spoiled.

Not even a little bit :P

:: gingerkitty :: said...

love your kids!

Daisy said...

WOWIE! I am so, so happy that you found out about Temptations. The very tempting taste treat! Thank you ever so much for visiting me, too.

Maureen said...

Hah! I have BOTH of these too (well, the treats are for the cats...)

Those Temptations are like crack for kitties; ours go crazy for them!

And the flexi ruler is so fun to use!

Darcey said...

I feed the same treats to my kitties. They love them. I wish I loved something with only 2 calories!

toners said...

Those treats look great - for the kitties! I will need to hunt them down :)

I will also be checking out Daisy's blog.... :)

QueenTracy said...

You know I really think a flexible ruler is a great idea! I may put that on my shopping list!