13 August 2011

State Fair 2011

It's Iowa State Fair time! We've spent two full days at the fair so far, meaning that I'm WAY behind in my other work, so this will be a quick post with just a few favorite photos!

Our first stop was the sheep barn to see if there were any sheep in spandex (see last year's spandex report here). I was disappointed to find only one, but we decided it is too early in the fair run for fashion. Once the sheep are sheared (?) shorn (?), then they'll don their spandex suits to keep clean.

Next stop was the cattle barn where we always seek out baby cows. Oh, I guess they're called calves. I should know this, considering I'm an Iowa girl. :)

And look at this tiny lamb, just a couple of days old!

Here's the inside of the Agriculture building, my favorite building at the fair.

Watch for more photos over the next few days, including -- HOPEFULLY -- many more sheep in spandex!


Connie said...

Baby lambs are the cutest!! : )

playswithglue said...

thanks for the sheep fashion update. i tried to see them on thursday, but lance wanted to see holsteins (there's my farmboy) and pigs (ew) instead.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh thank goodness, Iowa! I saw something terrible in the news about a horrible accident in Indiana at a state fair and I didn't remember which state fair you went to.

I haven't been reading blogs this week because it was first week back for teachers and I have been SWAMPED! But very convenient for me that you had your state fair post very first thing & I didn't even have to search your blog. At any rate...still very awful for people in Indiana, but glad you're okay.

Janet said...

Connie -- Somehow I expected you to say that!

Mollie -- Hopefully you can go back and see the sheep, when they're dressed!

Jill -- I saw the news, too. What a tragedy. :( Sugarland was supposed to perform at the Iowa State Fair tonight but the show has been cancelled. So, so sad.

Good luck with the start of your school year!