17 August 2011

Cakes at the Fair

We always enjoy checking out the food competition at the Iowa State Fair. (Did you know that the Iowa State Fair has the largest food competition of any state fair anywhere?) In years past, Bailey entered several food categories and took home ribbons for her Extra Tall and Sprinkly Rice Krispie Bars, Caramel Chip Bars, and more. As you might imagine, I've never entered any of my culinary masterpieces. Food is generally NOT my domain.

We were particularly impressed with this year's cake entries, a few of which are pictured above. Check out the camper cake (upper left) and the Harry Potter "Monster Book of Monsters" cake (lower right). I'm amazed at what these people can do with fondant!

As for me, I think I'll stick with paper!

1 comment:

Fonda said...

Holy cow these things are amazing! I think we're going to the fair today, maybe we'll see these in person! I wonder if they really taste as good as they look?