01 August 2011

It's August!

It's August, and that means summer is on its last legs around here. And nowadays, Summer = Bailey Home. By the middle of this month, we'll be scooping up her college stuff and heading back to Indiana. We've loved having her home for the summer. She may be ready to go back, but I'm not quite ready for her to leave. :(

As for me, I've been super busy with projects and class stuff for Memory Bound, as well as a few freelance assignments which will keep me occupied through much of the fall. Although it generally looks like an explosion took place in my craft space, I'm happy with the mix of stuff on my plate at the moment.

Here are a few snapshots from the past few days:

One of these days, I'd like to attach a camera to Lily. This is what the view would look like. :)

 Bailey has been working on bass drum music in preparation for IU drum line auditions. While the cats have accepted most of the percussion instruments around here, they have not taken well to bass drum practice. AS YOU MIGHT IMAGINE.

This coffee can is really effective at keeping the rabbits away. I think I'll remove it and see what happens. Hopefully the plant is big enough that it no longer tastes as yummy as when it was small.
It has been almost unbearably hot around here for the past couple of weeks, with temperatures hovering close to 100 degrees almost every day. As a result, my gardens are suffering. But I did find enough flowers in bloom to make a nice bouquet over the weekend.

I've also joined Pinterest, a virtual bulletin board community, as a way to keep track of images I like from around the web. I'm just learning my way around it now but from what I've seen, it looks like it will be inspirational AND convenient. You can't beat that combination, in my opinion.

So here's to a happy August, wherever it may find you.


Sarah C. said...

Wonderful photos! Savor these last few weeks of summer. Seems like it all goes so fast. Oh and must find you on Pinterest. Loving that site - so addictive. :D

Judy said...

I love your floral arrangement. It looks like it came straight from a flower shop. Nice job!! If the summer coming to an end means that this freaking hot weather will be gone, then I'm all for it. I am so tired of the 100+ heat index days that we've been having. Just too darned hot to do much of anything.