21 August 2011

All Moved In!

 As I mentioned in last week's post, this year's transition to school was much easier than last year's. Nevertheless, we still had a few tears. Bailey wouldn't be Bailey without tears at every transition. It's that little thing called "change" that trips up the both of us. She gets that from her mama, I'm afraid.

But the tears were short-lived and (of course) she was pretty much fine before we even left our neighborhood.

A short 8.5 hours later, we arrived in Bloomington and she picked up her key at Forest. Same room, same roommate as last year. In fact, nearly half of the people on her floor are returning from last year.

We made it upstairs in just a couple of trips. The good thing about moving in early (for drumline and marching band camp, in Bailey's case) is that you don't have to wait for carts or elevators.

The new RA made AWESOME door decorations for everyone. (Click on the photo to read the small print.) Bailey and I got ridiculously excited over these Starbucks cups!

Bailey's roommate won't arrive until next week so she had plenty of space to spread out while organizing her side of the room. They have a "double" room which is actually two formerly single rooms with part of the wall between them removed. It gives each person plenty of space with just a tiny bit of shared space next to the foot of the beds.

She picked out new artwork for her walls at Hobby Lobby -- cheery posters, arranged in a grid. Guess she gets that from her mama, too.  :)

This is the desk side of her room. We finally figured out a better way to situate the screen for her TV by taking out one of the shelves. So this year it's on the lowest shelf instead of the top. This will mean more movies and TV, which actually may not be such a good thing from a time-management standpoint ... LOL

Her closet is (as usual) arranged in rainbow-color order (yet another obsession we have in common). This level of organization brings a tear to her mama's eye! And this is only one side of her closet. There is a LOT of storage space in this room.

And here's the best part of the whole deal -- a happy Bailey, all settled in.

 Love her to pieces. :)

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