11 August 2011

Another week...

It seems I have many irons in the fire right now. I'm keeping crazy busy checking items off of my lengthy to-do list. But I'm grateful for the mix of creative endeavors on my plate right now. It's all good stuff!

For a couple of days last week, I was focused on making kits for my State Fair Mini-Album class which was held over this past weekend. What a great time we had! Thanks to all who came and enjoyed a few fair memories that afternoon.

 In order to make things go smoothly in class, I often pre-cut materials. I love how everything looks when it's ready to go into the class kits!  

 In addition to a heavy-duty paper trimmer, here's something else I have to have whenever I make kits. :)

I started the packaging process at Memory Bound, where I had plenty of space to lay everything out.

Later, I took the pieces home to take advantage of a timely offer of help from Bailey!

When she was a little girl, she would occasionally help me in classes at the store. She's still great help and, as any parent of a teenager knows, it's always wonderful to spend time together, no matter what the task. I treasure all the moments I can spend with her now, because summer is fleeting. In just one more week, we'll be taking her back to Indiana.

And then I'll be back to making kits on my own. Sure, I can do it, but it's not nearly as fun without my helper!


Connie said...

You will still have your kitty helpers! : )

Heather said...

I just saw this and had to come ask...Will you be having "Fried Butter on a Stick" at the Iowa State Fair this year?? :oS


Janet said...

haha True, Connie! And the cats are very good helpers, especially with ribbon!

Heather -- We were at the fair today and looked for it, because it sounds so disgusting we couldn't imagine it! And we found it. Looks like a corn dog and I'd swear it must be a full stick of butter, it's that big. Oh, and it is drizzled with icing. YUCK!