16 August 2011

Animals at the Fair

Like last summer, our time at this year's fair is a bit short due to the fact that we'll be leaving this week to take Bailey back to college. But no matter how limited our fair time, we make a point to visit the animal barns and displays. It always surprises me when people go to the fair every year but do not enjoy looking at the animals. I can't imagine the fair without animals!

Here are a few of my favorite animal pictures from this year's fair. We've especially enjoyed visiting the baby goats and lambs. AWWW!


Sarah C. said...

Great photos! I enjoy seeing the animals & exhibits at ours. It's been a few years though - haven't been since D's birth. Maybe we'll give it a shot with him this year.

Janet said...

Thanks, Sarah! We love seeing the baby animals. I'll bet D would love the fair! And think of the cute layouts you could make! :)

Fonda said...

Sweet, as always!