12 August 2011

Feline Friday: Tinsel, the Girly Girl

Over the past few months, Tinsel has developed the most endearing little routine: She sits on the counter while I'm getting ready in the morning.

No matter what time it is or what she's doing (napping or...napping), she comes running the minute she hears me pulling out my supplies. She's been hanging out in the bathroom long enough now that she's no longer afraid of the blow dryer. She meows pleasantly as she steps carefully around my cosmetics, and she even purrs on occasion -- a most unusual behavior for Tinsel!

She watches everything I do with great with interest. I've concluded that our Tinsel is really a girly girl. 

But unlike me, she's absolutely beautiful every day -- and without effort! :)


Heather said...

How sweet! Sam used to sit on the counter while I got ready in the mornings, but since we have remodeled our bathrooms and have taller cabinets (added to the fact that she's 15 years old) she can't really jump up anymore.

Fonda said...

Awww you're both beautiful without all that fancy stuff!

Jennifer said...

Love it when you share cats' stories.. myself would do the same with my cats life too.

Fun to watch cats' life with us. Some people who don't have pets.. they don't get it. We do!

love to hear more cats' life stories.