16 August 2010

Sheep Fashion Report: Fashion Meets Function

My apologies for the delay in the second (and final) installment of this year's Iowa State Fair Sheep Fashion Report. When I stopped at the sheep barn early in the weekend, the gates were closed as new sheep arrived for competition. Of course, I kept my fingers crossed that this new batch of competitors would bring OUTFITS with them. Lucky for me, they did!

If you click on this collage, you'll get a better view of the range of sheep fashions I observed over the weekend. Although they brought their outfits, as EWE (sorry!) can see, this new batch of sheep also brought along some fashion issues.

As noted in several of the photos, bulky garments still prevail. I decided to find out WHY, so I found a Nice Farm Boy boy hanging out in a pen texting some Nice Farm Girl in the next barn. "I'm not from a farm," I smiled and told him as I approached the pen. (In retrospect, my camera probably made this fact fairly obvious. Had she been with me, Daughter would have been mortified.) "I really prefer the spandex sheep outfits. Why are so many sheep wearing bulky suits this year?"

Nice Farm Boy told me that sheep "outfits" are meant to keep the sheep clean. (Apparently fashion is not the primary goal!) He went on to explain that TUBES (the technical term for the spandex outfits) are sometimes difficult to put on the sheep, so many farmers prefer the BLANKETS (the technical term for the bulky --UGLY-- outfits). I cannot imagine why a sheep wouldn't want to wear the more stylish tube, but apparently many of them baaaaa-lk (sorry!) at the idea. I guess this year's sheep are favoring function over fashion!

While touring the sheep barn, I found only a few TUBED sheep, with very few of them sporting fashionable patterns. As you can see above, one spandex suit featured blue and white flowers which I took to be hibiscus. The tropical theme is a nice look, but it doesn't seem to be catching on.

One duo of sheep sported leather blankets, sort of a "fierce" Wild West look which didn't work all that well with their pleasant personalities. A trio in a nearby pen wore light blue/striped cotton blankets, which reminded me of "Leave it to Beaver"-style pajamas. I'm sorry, but jammies are a little too bland for such cheerful, perky sheep!

Just as I was ready to leave the sheep barn in complete despair, I heard a bit of commotion in the pen behind me. Imagine my delight when I turned and spotted a trio of sheep wearing what will surely be all the rage next season: pink and brown blankets! I'm sure my fellow papercrafters will agree that these suits (lower right corner of collage) were no doubt inspired by Ki Memories scrapbooking paper. Even though they're a bit bulky, they are certainly eye-catching!

These Ki outfits prove that function CAN be fashionable and give me reason to hope for better sheep fashion days ahead!


Connie said...

Oh my goodness! I think I have some of that pink and green dotted paper! They are by FAR the most stylish sheep at the fair. It's interesting that those with the blah white blankets still have colorful cowl necks! So glad "ewe" were able to get some pictures of these fashionistas!

Fonda said...

Thanks for the fashion update. Those KI sheep are trend setters for sure!

Kristina said...

LOL....Loved your update!