14 August 2010

Sheep Fashion Report: A Disappointing Start

Well, I'm sorry to report that sheep at the Iowa State Fair are not dressing well this year. Maybe it's due to the extremely hot and humid weather, or perhaps the economy has taken a bite out of sheep wardrobe budgets. Whatever the reason, a quick check of the sheep barn today revealed almost NO SPANDEX. (On SHEEP, that is.)

This year's sheep have shunned the spandex in favor of looser, bulkier garments which really do NOT look good on anyone. I'm all for purple, but this trench coat just makes this poor sheep look lumpy and formless.

This orange outfit is a little less bulky. I'll give a bonus point to this sheep and her pen-mate for choosing the black trim to match their coloring. But as a side note, do you notice the stained underarm of the unclothed sheep? She was obviously embarrassed to be standing there completely naked for the photo shoot.

And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, I came upon this model wearing last year's spandex, very poorly maintained. You can tell by the look on her face that she's mortified to be sporting a torn leotard. She will not even look at the camera!

My faith was restored when FINALLY I came upon one trio of sheep sporting stylish spandex suits. While I'd much prefer stripes or polka dots, at least these suits are clean and form-fitting.

I'll be checking the sheep barn again in a couple of days to see if the fashion situation has changed. With cooler weather in the forecast, I expect to see all of our sheep looking their very best. This is the Iowa State Fair, ladies! Let's step it up!


Sarah C. said...

LOL Love the sheep fashion report. Those poor sheep. They really aren't being shown in their finest attire this year, are they? I hope things improve as the fair continues.

Gabriel Ramos said...

My father kept claiming sheep wear coats, we all made fun of him for years... I guess we owe him an apology.