09 August 2010

Making Kits

Today I'm making kits for an upcoming class at Memory Bound. Call me weird or whatever, but I kind of love seeing the piles of materials, all ready to put into kits. Those ingredients, Assembled Just So, will make a class project -- in this case, a set of cards.

Of course, those kits would never happen if not for my trusty spreadsheet, generally color-coded to match the materials. (Yes, I am THAT much of a nerd.) My spreadsheet lists every "raw ingredient" in the kit.

It's kind of like a recipe.

Except using paper.

Which makes it much, much more fun.

And much, much safer for my students. :)

For this project, I also had assistance from Tinsel, my official Kit Cat.

She looks a little alarmed here.

Or maybe she just swallowed the twine.


Sharon said...

Beautiful!! I love seeing your kits all laid out. They are so pretty.

Fonda said...

Tinsel may be wondering what color she got assigned! Love those piles too!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Such pretty colors! I never buy any new paper, because I'm still trying to use up my tons and tons of paper from the late 1990s. Seriously!

On loving seeing the piles of materials - I wonder if it's similar to how I feel when I first see the calendar for the new school year. It's so satisfying to see the new school year all at once like that.

Are you sure Tinsel isn't just irritated at the interruption of her creative process? :-)