05 August 2010

Holy cannoli! Another edible meal!

Okay, everybody, listen up: It appears that I MIGHT be on a roll in the kitchen!

We've had perhaps three fairly decent dinners around here in the last couple of weeks. This may not be remarkable to some of you but for me, it's a big deal. My little bit of success even inspired me to clean out the spice cabinet, something which hadn't been done in ever so long.

Ironically, I've been getting a few of my new recipes at the Dreaded Fitness Place. You see, in the 30 minutes I spend on the recumbent bike, I can (CONVENIENTLY!) watch an entire cooking show on The Food Network. If I'm lucky, I catch Giada Delaurentis who specializes in easy Italian dishes on her program, Everyday Italian. I've made several of her main dishes now, and all of them have been great.

This week, I tried her Crunchy Parmesan Chicken Tenders. I chose this particular recipe because I had some buttermilk (something I almost never have in the house) to use up. Holy cannoli...this recipe is a KEEPER! And I'm not even a fan of Parmesan cheese! The two picky people I live with also loved it, so you know it's good. If you have kids (or even if you don't), you need to make this recipe!

One side note: A balsamic vinaigrette dipping sauce is included in the instructions. I happen to love balsamic vinaigrette so I made it, but I didn't see the sauce as a good fit for chicken tenders. Actually, they're so good that they don't even NEED a sauce. So if you make it, I'd suggest skipping the vinaigrette. Kids can use ranch dressing or ketchup, if they feel compelled to dip!

So here's to another edible meal: One very unexpected benefit of my regular trips to the Dreaded Fitness Place. :)


Heather said...

Those look fabulous! I'm saving the recipe so I can try them too. :) Oh, and I find it funny that your gym shows Food Network while you are working out. LOL

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh maybe I'll try this for Friday night! I made something sort of similar a couple nights ago, but with pecans instead of Parmesan. I just sort of made it up though and the kids weren't home so I don't think they really would have liked it. They LOVE parmesan though.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Why did the chicken have to soak so long in the buttermilk though? Did the show happen to mention why that made a difference?

This actually sounds easier than what I made, because I dredged in flour, dipped in egg and then did the coating.

Janet said...

They are SUPER good, Heather! You need to try them.

Jill, I'm sure your kids would love them! I have the world's pickiest daughter and she really liked them, so you should be good!

The buttermilk gives the bread crumbs/cheese something to stick to, but I THINK it must also make them moist. That's just a guess. We all noticed how they weren't dried out like some chicken tenders.

LMK if you guys try this recipe!

Heather said...

I'm pretty sure the buttermilk tenderizes the chicken...maybe the cultures/enzymes in it?

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I made them! And because of Heather's comment, I even stopped for real buttermilk instead of being lazy & using plain milk. :-) :-)

The only thing is that I always grate my own Parmesan (for obsessive compulsive reasons that I won't explain here), and I think it would have mixed better with the bread crumbs if I had gotten that more powdery kind that comes already grated, because I grate mine in the food processor so it comes out in little sticks, you know?

Everyone loved it though! And they want it again. My daughter suggested putting a marinara sauce over it next time, so maybe I'll try that.

Then again, school/work is starting this week AND I'm in full time classes for my masters AND my son's bar mitzvah is coming up in December. We may be stuck with cream tuna on toast for the next five months...

Kristina said...

These look good! I watch the food network when I'm at the gym too!