02 August 2010

Planter Envy

On a visit to the farmers' market on Saturday, I caught a few pictures of the beautiful planters which line the streets of downtown Des Moines. I love the different combinations of flowers and foliage which give each planter a unique and sophisticated look.

My planters, by comparison, aren't looking quite this lush nowadays. I'm going to keep these ideas on hand to inspire next year's gardening efforts.


Maureen said...

Oh my... my poor plants are suffering badly this year. Every day they say "rain" so I don't water... the rain is so much better for them. Then it doesn't rain.... grrrr. I should know better than to trust the weatherpeople.

Those planters are beautiful!!!!

Kristina said...

Yea, I don't have that lush look anymore to my containers. A couple of them maybe, but not the majority. I love all of the downtown planters.