12 August 2010

Let the fair begin!

Today marks the beginning of the great Iowa State Fair, considered by many to be the finest state fair in the country.

The fair has always been special to my family. Because we've camped there for so many years, I know the fairgrounds better than my own neighborhood. We've entered a host of competitions and even won a few ribbons. In short, I have countless great memories of the state fair.

But while I love many things about the fair, the animals are at the top of my list.

I absolutely adore seeing them up close.

Especially the sheep in spandex. Every year, I search the barn for stylishly clad sheep and take as many pictures as possible before my family disowns me. It's amazing how sheep fashions change from year to year. Did you not know this?

Be sure to check back in the next few days for a full report on sheep fashions and a host of other important state fair happenings. Then maybe you'll see why the Iowa State Fair is the best one around!


Sarah C. said...

Those are some fashionable sheep! I'm always thrown by how "early" yours is - ours isn't until October. We'd sweat to death in the heat & humidity if it was any sooner. LOL

Connie said...

Yipee! Always love to see the fair pics, and especially the sheep in spandex! Can't wait to see what the butter statue will be this year!

Linda said...

Yay it is fair time! I enjoy looking at your fair photos and those sheep do not disappoint. :)