30 July 2010

Prairie in July

Believe it or not, before the agricultural revolution, Iowa used to be mainly tall grass prairie. Over time, our state has lost over 99% of its prairies. This makes me sad.

Thankfully, there are a few prairie restoration projects underway throughout Iowa. I feel fortunate that one of them (although not an "official" project) runs through the middle of our community. It's always relaxing and interesting to walk through our small prairie. At different times of the summer, the landscape may look gold, purple, or white, depending on which flowers are in bloom.

This week, Queen Anne's Lace is the star. These dainty white flowers dot the prairie landscape, punctuated by milkweed, yellow coneflower, and the very stately compass plant.

I'm looking forward to my next prairie walk. What a treasure, right in our back yard!


Linda said...

Your photos are very pretty. It is nice that you have a small prairie in your neighborhood.

Kristina said...

We went on a portion of our bike trail yesterday we hadn't been on and it was lovely! I love that Altoona has such as extensive trail to use.