13 July 2010

The Puffball Saga Continues

Some of you may recall that Lily is fairly obsessed with puffballs. She bats them around, carries them, and ultimately loses them under the fridge or stove. Sometimes they land in a bowl of water.

So I recently bought her an entire bag of puffballs, thinking this would solve the problem of the missing puffballs. But this only magnified the issue: Now we may have 20 puffballs missing at the same time!

So we frequently find Lily in this position, staring down a puffball which is beyond her reach.

Between the fridge and the wall, under the fridge, under the stove...you get the idea: Any place her arms won't reach or chubby body won't fit!

We've taken to keeping two yardsticks out at all times, one by the stove and one by the fridge, to facilitate Quick Puffball Retrieval. (Bonus point: Find the tops of Lily's ears in the above picture!)

And here she is, Happy Kitty with Puffball, once again!

All is good, for at least another 5 minutes!


Maureen said...

Okay, not only am I impressed with Lily, your photography and the entire cuteness of this topic... but what really impresses me is how the heck you keep that space between your fridge and counter so freakin' clean!!!!

I am ashamed that I will never, ever take a picture of that area of my house....

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Maureen - I noticed that too. And in fact, I almost want to run over & go look, but I'm scared. I'm lucky our fridge is so big - I'm not sure how well I'll even be able to see between the fridge and the cabinet!


Janet said...

hahaha Don't you guys know about the RETOUCH button? It's great for digitally cleaning your kitchen floor! :)

Daisy said...

I am very happy you were reunited with your puffball!

Kristina said...

LOL! The last time I moved the couch, we found at least a dozen fuzzy mice that our cats love so much.