10 July 2010

New Garden: Progress

Around here, gardening is a trial and error operation. Lots of trials, mostly errors. So I get really excited when something actually works (i.e., GROWS) the way I intended.

This little strip of garden along the back side of our garage is an example of my limited gardening success. Previously, it was filled with LOTS of coreopsis and a few leftovers from previous gardening errors. You may remember that this past May, I tore it all out and started fresh. It was so bad before I started that I figured it couldn't possibly look any worse.

The above photo was taken on the day I planted the new garden. I felt cautiously optimistic!

Photo #2 shows how it looked about a month later. Everything was still alive! This is always a good sign.

And here's how it looks today! The plants are growing nicely and my little patch of phlox (planted last season) is looking great.

Several plants have bloomed, and others should be flowering soon.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed about this garden. So far, so good!

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