19 July 2010

The things you find in your closet (continued)...

I recently cleaned out a closet and uncovered a variety of treasures, including a lethal weapon from Guatemala, my diary, and my beloved pencil box from elementary school. I'm so glad that my mom kept it! (Truth be told, she kept most everything.)

Those of you who grew up in the 60's and 70's will recognize the artwork on this pencil case! I remember thinking it was the absolute GROOVIEST pencil case imaginable at the time. I kept it tucked in my desk all through my late elementary school years.

It's like a time capsule! Let's take a peek at what's in the top section. A few observations are in order here:

* Look at those pencils! Of course, my pencils started out full size but as they got shorter, I relished moving them from the long compartments into the shorter ones. I definitely had the "sorting" compulsion even back then!
* In those days, we could get pencils with very cool designs on them. Note the STRIPED pencil (you all know how much I still love stripes!) and the paisley pencil. I remember absolutely coveting those paisley pencils.
* Check out those colored pencils...all with my initials on them! I must have had my dad carve them with his pocket knife. Heaven forbid those colored pencils should fall into the wrong hands!

But the best part about my pencil box was the tiny SECRET drawer at the bottom. Inside the drawer are a few small papers, bookmarks, a Colonial Bread nail file, a comb that looks like it belonged to my dad :), and a MAP!

I remember slyly pulling that map out to look at when I was done with my school work. One of my teachers even mentioned this to my mom at parent-teacher conferences. The funny thing is that I'm a terrible map-reader to this day! Obviously, I was only looking at the rainbow colors. :)
So as I was cleaning out the closet, I put together a container of treasures I want to keep. I carefully put my pencil box back together just as I had found it and tucked it inside the container for safe keeping.

If anyone ever tries to take my pencil box, I may have to go after them with that knife. :)


Fonda said...

I'd guard that treasure with a large knife too! LOVE this!!! So glad you still have it! Yay to your mom for keeping it for you. And those stripes!

Heather said...

What a wonderful treasure to come across! I love finding things like that at my mom's house. Although it seems like the things I would like to find are the ones she got rid of!

Maureen said...

AWESOME Janet!!! What a treasure trove. I so love that groovy pencil box; I wish my Mom kept more of my stuff, but alas, I was the third child and had to keep my OWN stuff safe.

That map had me chuckling at "CANADA" in tiny letters up in no-mans-land... actually, exactly where that is printed, is where I live! Ha!!!