05 July 2010

Getting Oriented

At the end of Finding Nemo, Nemo's dad lets go of him and sends him off to his first day of school with the words, "Now, go have an adventure!" I feel a little bit like Marlin right now as we prepare to send our daughter off to college. It's a big step which brings with it some apprehension but, like Nemo, she has what it takes to be successful!

We just returned from our orientation at Indiana University and I think each of us feels a bit overwhelmed by all the information we received. Maybe that's called "DIS-orientation"! Overall it was a very successful weekend.

It looks very likely that she'll have a place in the cymbal line of IU's marching band, although she still needs to complete the official audition process during band camp. It will be pretty exciting for her to play in IU's beautiful stadium! Of course, we cannot wait to go watch!

Music education and performance majors spend the majority of their time in the music buildings, taking classes and practicing. This is one of several buildings. IU is breaking ground on a new music facility (with a percussion wing) this year which -- hopefully -- will be completed within the next three years.

This is not an oven mitt or the Hamburger Helper guy! It's one of 13 harps sitting in the hallway of one of the music buildings. :)

And here's the best part of the orientation: A big smile.

Now, go have an adventure!


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

WOW! So exciting! And she does look happy!!! Very good luck to her!

Kristina said...

She's gonna have so much fun! Good luck to everyone!

Fonda said...

Looks like you're getting her off to a good start! Mom get's to start a new adventure as well! :)

Janet said...

Thanks, guys! Big stuff ahead, that's for sure. We are super excited!

Linda said...

This is so exciting! Good luck to Bailey!

Did you see Toy Story 3 yet? Andy is going to college. The end had me crying as well as my 14 yo daughter and she doesn't leave for 3 more years. Bring tissues if you go.

Janet said...

Thank you, Linda! Yes, I saw it last week and it almost killed me! I think I cried the entire next day! lol