14 July 2010

The things you find in your closet...

I've been cleaning out a big walk-in closet this week. It's been a voyage of discovery, actually, as I unearthed all kinds of long-forgotten treasures including my childhood clock, my high school diary, and this lethal weapon:

Perhaps you're wondering why in the world we have such a thing in the closet. Spouse is the one who really should respond to this question, as this little knife belongs to him. He brought it back from Guatemala many years ago for reasons that are still a little unclear to me. (Obviously it wouldn't have quite made it through the TSA airport screenings these days!) Let me tell you, this knife is LONG! I pulled out my Accu-Cut (no pun intended) ruler to give you a better perspective on the length.

Okay, now this little bugger is going back into its protective case and will be hidden far from anybody's reach.

So, if there are any serial killers out there reading my blog (Do serial killers read blogs?), do NOT come looking for this knife! It's really not that sharp anyway. :)


Linda said...

That is a big knife. Funny how times have changed with what you can take on the plane.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Cool! You could still check it in your luggage though, couldn't you? :-)