26 July 2010

Butterfly Bush

Last year, I planted a butterfly bush in an unfortunate spot. I really didn't expect it to live, so I wasn't too worried about my hurried choice of location.

Fortunately -- or unfortunately -- the butterfly bush DID live, and now it's very tall. Of course, it's still in the unfortunate spot. So I've been thinking about moving it, once the growing season is over.

But this past weekend, I noticed that the bush has become quite the hangout for the local butterflies. Yesterday I saw several different kinds of butterflies stopping by.

This "flurry of activity" is causing me to re-think my plans to move the bush. The butterflies obviously love it and the bush seems to be thriving.

Maybe we'll just make the best of it.


Fonda said...

We have one of these bushes too. But haven't spotted butterflies on it. This is a great shot Janet! I'm sure they'll find it even if you relocate the plant for next year!

Heather said...

How pretty!

Sarah C. said...

Very pretty! Looks like it's in the perfect spot - at least to the bush and butterflies. ;)

Sharon said...

If the bush is thriving and the butterflies are finding it, you HAVE the bush in the right spot. No need to move it. Great picture of the butterfly on the bush.