01 July 2010

Mickey's and Minnie's Houses

In my opinion, no visit to Magic Kingdom is complete without a stop at Mickey's and Minnie's houses. Located in ToonTown at the back of the park, these little cottages are worth the walk.

The day I visited, a two-hour rain storm served to thin out the crowds, so I walked right in to each of the houses with no wait. As you can see, Mickey's kitchen is a real mess! His bedroom, however, is neat and tidy with all of his suits and gloves perfectly arranged in his wardrobe. But I think that the best part of Mickey's house is his garden, located just out back. The pumpkins growing there are shaped like Mickey heads!

Click on the collages to bigify!

Minnie's house is one of my favorite things to see at the Magic Kingdom. I especially love her refrigerator which is filled with -- you guessed it -- CHEESE! Push a button on her microwave and popcorn begins to pop. Push a button on her oven and a delicious cake begins to rise.

Did you know Minnie is crafty? She has a craft room for painting and sewing! Some of her quilts and paintings are on display in the hallway. She has won many ribbons at the fair!

And next to the telephone, you'll find Minnie's bulletin board with her to-do list. Click on the collage to read her daily activities, my favorite being "mousercize"!


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I love a refrigerator filled with cheese!

Very cute!

Kristina said...

Very cute! When we were there, the lines were too long and Connor didn't want to wait....I think he was a tad too old for them at that point. TFS!