30 June 2010

Magic Kingdom

When we were in Florida last week, I spent a day at DisneyWorld. In the morning, I visited Animal Kingdom, then I spent the rest of the day and evening at Magic Kingdom. Seriously, I would like to live in Fantasyland. I'd ride Peter Pan's Flight over and over. And eat Pineapple Whips until my tummy hurt. And cry at every single Disney parade, because that's what I do. :)

Here are a few shots that I've taken many times before but (of course) had to take again. For those of you headed to WDW, you'll be pleased to know that Small World has been completely redone and it is absolutely beautiful. I know that Small World drives many people to distraction, but I really enjoy looking at the stylized designs throughout the ride.

I also visited Minnie's and Mickey's houses, two of my very favorite places in the Magic Kingdom. I'll share those pictures tomorrow.


Sarah C. said...

Great photos! Missing WDW. DH & I plan to take our next trip when Dylan is a bit older (must be able to walk and out of diapers - I'm so not toting a diaper bag there! LOL). Anyhow, good to know about It's a Small World. My mom, sister & I actually got stuck on it when I was about 6. The boats stopped, but the dolls & songs went on and on and on and on .... :D Amazingly, I still ride it every time I go (and panic a slight bit when the boats pause).

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

My gal used to love Disney so much when she was a toddler and my parents talked about bringing her at some point. But we thought we'd wait until she got "old enough to really enjoy it" or whatever and I guess she moved on to other interests by then.