07 June 2010

The Aftermath

Graduation's over. The open house is done. We are now in "The Aftermath" mode, meaning we have to put away everything. YIKES. Getting it out is a lot more fun than putting it away.

I didn't meet my goal of finishing all of my daughter's school years. I did make a huge amount of progress toward my goal, but senior year ended up being a lot busier than I expected, leaving less time for scrapbooking than I'd hoped. My daughter's activities continued right up until the last week of school, which made it really hard to keep up with the current events, let alone go back and finish up older ones.

I don't have a complete count at this point, but I know that I filled 11 3-ring binders (some shown here) with new layouts over the past few months, plus I added new layouts to partially completed older albums. I'm very happy with the progress I've made but still wish the scrapbooks were completely done!

Of course, the scrapbooks were done enough for the party. We ended up dismantling five or six of my chronological 3-ring binders and creating "themed" binders for each of my daughter's activities. She pulled enough layouts from each activity to fill the binders. For the open house, we created themed areas (such as for marching band and show choir) and placed the albums with the other items on display for that activity. That seemed to work pretty well.

Re-assembling the albums we dismantled ended up being quite a task, but I think it's finally done. I will say that storage for all these new albums is getting to be a bit of an issue!
Now that graduation is over, I'm going to keep moving forward on my scrapbooking. Since the big events are over for awhile, I think I have some hope of meeting my goal...better late than never!


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I cannot BELIEVE you did that many pages over the last few months...WTG Janet!!!! Hey, I'm actually glad you still have some of the high school pages to do. That will tide you over for awhile until B starts sending you photos from college to scrapbook;)