08 June 2010

Pics from Graduation Open House

I never really understood why graduation open houses were such a big deal...until I had one.


It took a LOT of work to set up and a lot of work to take down. It was also a lot of fun while it was happening but so busy that it went by in a flash. We all wish we'd had more time to visit with everyone who stopped by.

Our daughter didn't want to spend much money on food or decorations, so we kept the food simple and bought only inexpensive flowers and balloons. She wanted to focus more on displaying items that were meaningful to her. We spent considerable time thinking about how to set up her displays. Over the years, she has been involved in many activities which have been extremely important to her, so we decided to set up a little display area for each one. This approach seemed to work pretty well. It allowed guests to spread out and look at whichever displays were of interest to them.

We pulled scrapbook pages for each of her activities and compiled them into "themed" albums, one for each activity. We placed each album with a photo display board and a few other memorabilia items for that activity. She chose photos for the display board that were not included on the scrapbook pages. We hung her show choir dresses and a few of her dance costumes from our banister railings.

In addition to the themed areas, we designated an area for her high school graduation memorabilia (diploma, letters, awards, etc.) and another for information about the college she'll be attending. We also made a little "In Memory" area to honor my mom (her grandma) and the big role she had in our daughter's life.

Overall, I think the open house went very well. It was crowded and busy, but it was nice to see our friends and family all at once. It was a great way to mark the ending of our high school years and the beginning of the next phase in our daughter's life!


Sarah said...

They go by way too fast! My parents had one a few weeks ago for my brother's college graduation. Even as a sibling it seemed to fly by for me. I love all the little areas of memorabilia. What a great idea!

Heather said...

How neat! I have never heard of doing a graduation open house, but what a great idea!! We are having a little graduation party for my brother-in-law next weekend. I think I will lift some of your photo display ideas for that. :)

Fonda said...

WOW Janet! Very nice. You have photos and SBs Everywhere! Great JOB!
Now BIG BIG BIG SIGH and then get ready for the next big thing!

Janet said...

Thanks, guys! I think it worked out pretty well. We were able to put out quite a bit of stuff without it looking too jumbly!

Heather, it must be a regional thing! Everyone around here has open houses, mainly for high school but also for college. Some are held in the home and some in other places, like church halls, conference centers, etc. I can't take credit for the displays...my daughter set them up and I think did a great job!

Thank you, Fonda! BIG sigh of relief. Hope to see you at GNO next week!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I've never heard of a graduation open house either, but sounds like a great time! It must have been really neat for your friends and family to be able to see all that.

Kristina said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful party!

Cheri said...

You all did a fabulous job with the themed areas...what a neat idea!