14 June 2010

Fun Summer Project

Now that graduation is over, I'm back in the saddle again...ready to plan a few classes for Memory Bound. Here's one I recently put together. This is a little CD case used as a stand and filled with decorated cards. You can add photos to some of the cards. Others just sit there looking beachy and cute.

This would be the perfect project to do after coming home from a week at the ocean. *sigh* Okay, I do believe I need to go to the ocean in order to truly prepare for my class. Don't you agree?

Anyway, this is actually a Bo Bunny class kit, so I can't take credit for this cute design! But of course, I could not leave well enough alone, so (TRUE CONFESSION!) I made a few changes to the project. I just could not help myself! I'll tell you about one of the changes, and you can imagine the others. You see, one of the suggested designs had TILTED tags! I tried several times to tilt those tags and just could not bring myself to do it. I finally designed a new card, just to avoid tilting.

Yes, I know I have issues. My issues are beyond the scope of this blog. :)

In spite of the changes I made to the project, those who know me will be very proud that I actually sanded the edges of the paper, as recommended on the project instruction sheet.

But (being the over-achiever!) I took it a step further and actually used my distresser. (Yes, I know you're surprised that I have one. I actually have three...got them at CKU a few years back!) After I got over the initial shock of seeing rough edges, I kind of liked the look on this project. The tool was actually pretty simple to use, and the more you screw up, the better it seems to look. That is my kind of tool. :)


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Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

And here I thought issues were the total point of a blog. :-) :-) KIDDING! Very cute project!

Cheri said...

God yes, you must must MUST do some first-hand research at the beach:) I said so!