03 June 2010

Mother Dove

Mother Dove recently took up residence in one of my hanging baskets. She built a nest and promptly deposited two large eggs. From reading a little bit about doves, I've learned that the mother and the father share egg-sitting duty. I caught this picture at "changing of the guard" time.

The eggs should not get wet, so I have to be extra careful when watering the basket. As soon as I climb up my ladder, Mother Dove flies to a nearby tree. I gently water the basket without letting any water touch the eggs. When I put the ladder away, Mother Dove returns.

A few years back, I had a nesting dove in another hanging basket. The two baby doves which hatched were adorable and quite fun to watch, so I was excited when Mother Dove chose my basket for her temporary home.

But not as excited as Tinsel! (Notice the slight blur of her tail. Swish...swish...swish!)


Sarah said...

Laughing at Tinsel - I bet that is a good time. We have had birds nest in our hanging baskets every year. This year, I confess, I didn't hang any. Kind of miss peeking in on the eggs and new hatchlings. I have always been careful to water around them as well. :)

Janet said...

lol It is fun! It will be more interesting for Tinsel once the babies hatch. Mother Dove sits so still that right now, there is not a lot to watch! lol

I get really nervous about babies in hanging baskets. We had a storm once and a baby (don't remember what kind of bird, but not a dove)fell out. Very sad.

Maureen said...

Ha! I LOVE that photo of Tinsel with her swishy tail!

And Doves! That is awesome Janet; obviously they know you are an animal lover... they couldn't have chosen a better location.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh my gosh - Sugar would be in HEAVEN!!!! Lucky Tinsel! And lucky bird that the glass is there. ;-)