22 July 2010

The things you find in your closet (continued)...

I recently cleaned out a large walk-in closet and found all sorts of goodies. One of the most interesting finds was a box of notes from my elementary through high school years. It's been rather amusing -- although slightly mortifying -- to read through them.

Included in the box were a few notes I left for my parents over the years, including this one, probably written in 9th or 10th grade.

Click on the letter to read the task list I left for my poor mother. Line my purse? What the heck? That's no small task. Iron my scarf? I guess that's understandable, because we all know I lacked (and still lack) domestic skills.

But "get me up at 5:30 to load my purse"? Why was filling my purse with the day's supply of cosmetics such a complex endeavor that it necessitated rising at dawn?

Now, my hair -- precisely coiffed a la Farrah Fawcett -- was entirely another matter. It took an enormous amount of time (and no doubt hazardous amounts of hair spray) to curl it properly every morning.

I must say that I have NEVER received a note like this from my own daughter. Thanks to my mom, she is equipped with all the domestic skills I still lack. She could line her own purse (if she actually used one) and iron her own scarf (if she ever wore one). And her hair? Pretty much straight.

*sigh* I guess we're raising her right!


Maureen said...

Ahahaha! That is so great... and wonderful that you kept things like this.... so, did you show daughter??? ;)

LOVE that you had the FF hair like me (and millions of others, I'll wager).


Kristina said...

lol...what is lining your purse? Was this something that your Mom was making you? As far as FF hair, I kept mine straight...straight, parted in the middle until I got sick of it at the end of my junior high and cut it all off. Great find!

Connie said...

I love that the title is "Busy Work for Mom," like you knew that she had other, more important things to do, and these were just things she had to do in order to fill the rest of the time! Hilarious! How is the world did we ever grow up in houses with only one bathroom?! LOL

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Well...I don't even know what it means to line one's purse. And load it? I never unload it!

The "please" was a nice touch. I'm still pretty sure I would have been dead if I left my mom a chores list though. SHE left ME plenty of chore lists, but the other way around? Not unless I had a sudden hankering for being punished! :-) :-) :-)

Janet said...

Maureen - Gotta love the FF hair. You know, it's coming back, I'm told...

Kristina - I can only assume the fabric lining needed to be replaced, which would have been WELL beyond my skill level!

Connie and Jill - I'm sure my mom was not too pleased with me for leaving this note, although I obviously remembered SOME manners! lol I'm sure I thought I was doing her a favor by giving her the entire night (whilst I was sleeping) to do her busy work, rather than spring it on her at 5:30 in the morning!

Sarah C. said...

Janet, I'm cracking up! That note is so funny. I, too, am wondering why loading your purse would take so long. haha